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How to Plant a Tree

Tree planting is often done for many reasons from needing shade in an area, creating a barrier from your neighbors, fruit trees, in memory of someone and many others! There is always conversation about when to plant, (fall is generally best!), where, how close, what type, and the many other factors involved. This article will deal with how to plant after making all those considerations!

When a tree and a spot have been chosen, the next thing to do is get it in the ground. Looking at the root ball of the plant prepare a hole that is twice as wide in diameter as the root ball. Loosen up the soil in the area about the depth of the ball as well but not deeper! One major problem with tree planting is putting it too deep! Checking the top of the root ball, brush away some of the soil to find the "crown" of the roots and place it slightly higher than the soil line in the prepared hole while spreading out the roots as much as possible in the wide area. According to Walter Reeves at, it has been found in studies over the past 20 years or so that trees do not need soil amendment except in the most sandy soils so just place the existing soil back, water in as needed and you are done for now!

We will discuss watering and ongoing care for your tree in a later blog but don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

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